The IRISPHERE programme is for you, because you’re a company or an association:

  • headquartered in the Brussels-Capital Region;
  • seeking to innovate in order to boost its economic and environmental performance;
  • that’s willing to devote time to a circular economy project.

Why take part?

For five years already, IRISPHERE has been implementing innovative solutions in companies. Now, the team is there for you too. It offers you a unique guidance, networking, and communication programme for circular economy. It will help you to pinpoint, assess, and launch new projects and products.

Thanks to IRISPHERE, you’ll be able to:

  • improve your performance;
  • cut back costs;
  • optimize your brand image;
  • set up sustainable partnerships;
  • call on 12 crucial regional partners’ expertise free of charge;
  • increase your project's visibility.

Synergies put into effect

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Solvay & ZF Services

Solvay makes its surplus demineralized water available to ZF Services. This has led to the improvement of a cleaning process and the reuse of a material at the end of its life cycle.


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Solvay & Rigobert carpentry

Joint collection of Solvay's and Rigobert’s dangerous waste: that means two tonnes of waste per year are now treated adequately and responsibly.

This industrial symbiosis nets the carpentry shop 20% savings on waste treatment costs.


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CPS-VCL & ZF Services

Welder training school CPS-VCL gives its surplus pallets to ZF Services.
That means fewer pallets have to be purchased and a resource is reused.
Good for 100 pallets a year, or a savings of 1,000 euros.