A team of professionals at your service!

IRISPHERE provides a team of experts. They’ll help you to:

  • pinpoint circular economy opportunities and assess their feasibility;
  • join a network of companies active in the circular economy; 
  • imbue your company with a positive dynamic.

Feel like joining in?

1. I’ll attend a collective workshop to pinpoint synergies

IRISPHERE collective synergy-detecting workshops are a unique opportunity to network with companies from a wide range of industries and thus to put into practice a circular economy approach in Brussels.

The workshops are organized and led by facilitators with circular economy experience. The aim is to bring about positive synergies between companies with regard to:


  • exchanging materials and resources;
  • pooling services and infrastructure;
  • shared investments in facilities;
  • creating new business opportunities.


Workshops are structured as follows:


  • reception and introduction;
  • sharing what the participants need and are offering;
  • assessing the opportunities;
  • conclusion and networking.


After the workshop, all participants will receive a report containing an overview of all possible synergies.
The companies can call on the IRISPHERE team to look into certain synergies and to put them into effect.


Interested? Send us your details! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2. I’m looking for individual assistance

IRISPHERE offers your company bespoke assistance, helping you on your way in the circular economy!


Individual assistance entails numerous opportunities:

  • you’ll be setting up partnerships with other companies while simultaneously improving the circularity of your company’s materials;
  • you’ll be innovating and improving your environmental performance at the same time;
  • you’ll be saving money and simultaneously optimizing your brand image.